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Winter Springs

When the first foot of snow fell on October 4, it marked the beginning of a winter of never ending storms that would eventually do their best to consume me. Once or twice a week, clouds gathered over the Zirkel … Continue reading

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moving cows, extracting oil, and loving a rural schoolhouse The first time I really saw the Coalmont Schoolhouse, my legs were quivering with muscle fatigue on both sides of the round-barreled palomino called Goldie.  Topping the final rise and following … Continue reading

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Finding Place. And Hanging Onto It.

    Place.  There’s such a need to claim one.  A complicated process for finding it.  A sometimes desperate struggle to hold onto it.  A thousand ways of naming it. Sometimes it feels as if my entire life has revolved … Continue reading

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Then the Frackers Came

  When I returned to North Park in August of 2010, little had changed since I last lived here twelve years earlier.  The mountain ranges, the wildlife, the way the Park fans out in reality-defying magnificence when you top Peterson’s … Continue reading

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It Takes a Small Town

The local farrier showed up at 9:00 in the morning the other day, while I was still out feeding.  Once again, I had to try and explain to him that the llamas who greeted him were being curious, not trying … Continue reading

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Gardens and the Gift of Grace

In late June of last year, I was on call for daily radiation treatments.  Having suffered through the claustrophobia of the preparatory CAT scans and the bizarre fashioning around my body of what the technicians creepily called a “cradle,” I … Continue reading

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New Life When It’s Least Expected and Most Needed

It was hard when the cows left Wade’s Ranch.  For all the fundamental difference between my vegetarian heart and Gene and Sharon’s cattle ranching heritage, never once had I questioned their love for those cows, the land, the wildlife they … Continue reading

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