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Caliente on My Mind (the unusual and wondrous task of writing the book, Saving Elizabeth)

If you can’t tolerate being alone with yourself in silence for hours on end, don’t contemplate taking up writing as a career.  There’s a possibility that the deliciously documented insanity of an impressively large number of literary greats might simply … Continue reading

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Finding Balance in Human Empathy

  Is there such a thing as collective human experience?  Can a moment in time really bind us together with threads of shared emotion, reaction, resolution in such a way as to transcend the individual?  We certainly seem to design … Continue reading

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Writing the Dream

Four pages, four paragraphs, four sentences, four words.   Jewel sings about there being a difference between dreaming and pretending.  I think in most cases, the difference ends up being hard work.  And if you want to harbor any hope … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of the Happy Ending

  A good friend of mine who lives on the Wind River Indian Reservation, doesn’t like my blog.  He says it’s sad.  This is from an Arapaho man who grieves over the new Wyoming hunting season on wolves, who carries … Continue reading

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